Logo Guidelines

Please make sure to use our logo and trademarks according to the respective guidelines.



Short DMEXCO Logo Guideline 

  • For Web or Digital purposes use .png (few cases can request .jpg but it is better not use .jpg format because it has a white back- ground)
  • For Print purposes use .pdf or .eps files

Colors and Extensions

“DMEXCO-Color-Logo” is meant for colored assets with white backgrounds.

“DMEXCO-White+Blue-Red-Logo” is meant for colored assets with black backgrounds

“DMEXCO-Black-Logo” is meant for black & white assets with white background as well as colored assets with light col- ored or photo background

“DMEXCO-White-Logo” is meant for black & white assets with black background as well as as colored assets with dark colored or photo background

Short DMEXCO Logos Guidelines: Shapes

Most of the time we suggest to use the “Icon” Logo (eg. Facebook profile picture)

In cases where the space that the DMEXCO Logo should cover is widely horizontal, we suggest to use the “2 Lines Logo”

In cases where DMEXCO Logo is placed with other mixed logos (eg. a partner colophon or footer) it is suggested to use the “2 Lines Short Logo”

Short DMEXCO Logos Guidelines: Don’ts

All the logos and symbols can be used strictly as they are. No manipulation of any kind is allowed. That includes among others:

1. Color variation of any kind
2. Usage of any kind of visual effects
3. Stretching or any other manipulation of shape or/and proportion 4. Any changes in elements position

Under no circumstances is any of this allowed: